Reference an existing Application as input

The "App" Utility Step allows you to reference a preexisting Workflow application as input. This can be an extremely powerful tool for developing more complex applications.

While it is possible to create an "App" Utility Step in both Agents and Workflows, we typically recommend only doing so for your chat Agents. For cases where you want to reference the output of an existing Workflow in another Workflow application, the better option is often to combine the logic into a single application.

Configuring an "App" Utility Step

To get started, begin editing your Agent or Workflow. Then select the "Utility" icon and add your "App" Step as shown below:

You'll notice that when configuring the "App" Step, you have the option to choose the specific application to reference as well as its desired version.

Note: In order for a Workflow application to appear in the selectable dropdown list, it must have been published.

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