Memory Stores API

Interact directly with your Memory Stores

The AirOps REST API allows users to both read and write to their Memory Stores as needed.

Using the REST API

You can call the Memory Stores REST API directly from the AirOps UI. To get started, simply navigate to the desired Memory Store and click on its "Rest API" tab as shown below:

Supported API Calls

Currently, the AirOps Memory Stores API supports the following calls:

  1. Search -- a read-only endpoint that performs a semantic search with filtering through the Memory Store. See our document on Memory Stores Metadata for more details on filtering.

  2. Insert -- a write endpoint to populate your Memory Store with additional content

  3. Update -- a write endpoint that lets you edit the underlying information of your connected content

  4. Delete -- a write endpoint to remove content from your Memory Stores

The "REST API" tab shown above walks through how to execute each of these calls, as well as the expected results.

If there are any additional functions that are critical to your business, but currently missing an API call to help you automate, we would love get your feedback!

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