Utility Steps

Empower your workflows with a variety of customizable options

Utility Steps cover a broad range of functions, and are often the key to combining your workflows into a more complex and functional application. The Utility Steps include:

  1. App Step -- reference an existing application

  2. Agent Step -- reference an existing agent

  3. API Step -- call external API's in your workflow

  4. Google Search Step -- run a Google search through your workflow

  5. SQL Query Step -- run SQL queries against your connected datasources

  6. Web Page Scrape Step -- scrape the desired URL's

  7. Integrations Step -- integrate directly with external applications

  8. Contact Enrichment Step -- build out a robust internal contact system

  9. Content + SEO Step -- develop your SEO and content base for outbounding

Note: the availability of Utility Steps will vary depending upon whether you are using a Workflow or an Agent

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