Integrate your Workflow with Contentful

The Contentful Integration allows you to create, list, get, and update entries.


  1. Generate a Personal Access Token from Contentful:

    • Log in to your Contentful account.

    • Navigate to settings, then click on "CMA Tokens."

    • Press the "Create Personal Access To" button.

    • Provide a descriptive name for the token to identify its usage easily.

    • After the token is generated, make sure to copy and securely store it immediately, as it will not be displayed again.

  2. Add the Personal Access Token to Your Application:

    • Find the section for Contentful integration and click on the "Configure" button.

    • In the modal that appears, paste the copied Personal Access Token into the designated field.

    • Click "Add" to complete the setup.

Security Note: Treat your Personal Access Token like a password. It provides full access to your Contentful space, and it should not be shared. Store it securely and only use it in server-side or secure, authenticated environments.

Functions and Their Parameters

Create Entry (JSON)

  1. Space ID

  2. Environment

  3. Content Type ID

  4. JSON

List Entries

  1. Space ID

  2. Environment (optional)

Get Entry

  1. Space ID

  2. Environment

  3. Entry ID

Update Entry (JSON)

  1. Integration

  2. Space ID

  3. Environment

  4. Content Type ID

  5. JSON


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