BYO Model API Key

Bring your own API keys

The "API Providers" tab shows the full list of currently supported model vendors within AirOps. In order to bring your model to AirOps, you need an API Key from the respective vendor. Once connected, you can use your existing models from within the LLM Step, Transcription Step, or Image Generation Step.

How to Configure Your LLM Model Provider

  1. Click Settings > API Providers > Configure for your selected provider, and enter your API Key.

  2. In the LLM step, select My Models instead of AirOps Models

  3. Select AI Model: select one of your models which will appear here after adding your API Key


When you connect your own model with your API Key, the pricing will change as follows:

  • Cost of Service: you will pay the cost of the service directly to the provider e.g. token cost, transcription cost, or image generation cost

  • AirOps Cost: you will only be charged one task for the corresponding step in AirOps.

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