API Endpoint

Call your AirOps Applications via endpoints

Start here for a broad understanding of what our API offers. For in-depth technical specifics, proceed to our API Reference.

After you publish endpoints allow you to call your applications with the required input parameters and receive a response.


All endpoints require authentication using a Bearer token. To authenticate, include an Authorization header in your request with the value Bearer YOUR_API_KEY. You can find your API key in your Workspace Settings:

Finding Your App ID

In addition to your API Token, you will also need your App ID to ensure your API calls are reaching the correct endpoint. The Application ID is the number found in the app's URL. For instance, in the URL:


The app ID is:


Additionally, you can can reference the "Rest API" tab for the application shown further below.


To find the additional parameters and endpoints available for your application, you can navigate to the "REST API" tab underneath the "Integrate" section of your application:

Ready to make your first request? Check out API Reference docs for further details!

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