Run Batch CSV

Run a batch via a CSV Upload

AirOps allows you to run multiple applications in bulk via a CSV Upload.

Running Apps in bulk via CSV upload is an incredibly powerful way to leverage AirOps' AI capabilities at scale. By using this feature, you can efficiently process large volumes of data for tasks such as natural language processing, copy creation, marketing collateral generation, sentiment analysis, data enrichment, and much more. This functionality goes beyond what is possible with ChatGPT and opens up a world of possibilities for enhancing your business processes.


To start off, navigate to your application's view page and select the "Run Batch" option:

You will now see a page similar to what is shown below, with an option to download a CSV template (as an example for you to get the correct formatting):

Prepare your CSV file, ensuring that it matches the format shown in the sample CSV. This includes maintaining the correct column headers.

Optional values can be left blank, but it is important that the column header is still present.

Click the "Choose a file" button and upload your CSV.

The batch process will begin once your file is uploaded. Keep in mind that batches can take some time to process, so feel free to navigate away from the page while your job is running.

By default, the batch process only returns the final output of your application's last step. If you want to output multiple components from your application, we recommend using JSON to output the different components in a single, structured format. Additionally, you can reference our Text Step document for an example of how to combine multiple components into a single output.

Return Multiple Columns

For cases where you want the returned output of your batch run to include multiple columns, it's important that you format the final output step of your application in JSON, e.g.

  "title": "Your Value Here",
  "description": "{{ step_2.output.deal_name }}" 

In the above example, our batch run will return both the "title" and "description" columns, and will populate the value of the latter with the output from a step in the application.


Can I leave the page?

Yes, your batch will still run if you leave the page, and you can download the results later. You can download your CSV output at any time from the "Show History" button at the top of the application.

I'm running into an error, what should I do?

Make sure there are no null columns or rows by deleting columns or rows that appear empty but pass null values. Beyond that, please feel free to contact our Support Team for assistance!

How do I retrieve my batch results?

Click the "History" tab > View (under Actions) > Go to Batch

Can I download as a CSV?

Yes, all batches are downloadable as CSV's.

Will the batch include my inputs?

Yes, the batch will include all inputs present from the uploaded CSV.

Are there notifications for when my batch completes?

This feature is coming very soon, and will allow you to retrieve the results directly from your email.

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