Reference an existing Agent as input

The "Agent" Utility Step allows you to reference a published Chat Agent as an input within your Workflow Application.

Note: The "Agent" Utility Step can only be called within a Workflow Application. You cannot reference an Agent as input for another Agent.

Configuring an "Agent" Utility Step

To get started, begin editing your Workflow. Then select the "Utility" icon and add your "Agent" Step as shown below:

You'll notice that when configuring your "Agent" Utility Step, you have the option to choose the specific application to reference as well as its desired version.

Using Your Output as a Parameter

It's important to note that the output of the Agent Step is a session_id. This allows you to keep your conversation going by referencing the session_id in a subsequent Agent Step.

In this example, we show how you can configure a second Agent Step to utilize the session_id returned by the first Agent Step. The result is that our "Data Sidekick" Agent will continue the conversation initiated by the "Memory Store Doc Chatter" Agent:


The configurable fields will vary depending upon the requirements of your Agent's output. For example, let's revisit our Agent selection shown previously:

In this case, we're prompted with the option to select the specific database type. This is because the Agent we selected as input offers this when you run the application.

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