Image Generation Step

Generate and edit images and variations

AirOps's Image Generation Step offers three powerful functions:

  1. Generating Images

  2. Editing Images

  3. Generating Variations

We'll dive into each, and the tools that power them.

Generate Image

When generating images, an Application Input isn't necessarily required. Instead, you can utilize the "Generate Image" action shown below:

DALL·E 2 allows you to choose how many images to generate.

Stable Diffusion allows you to include a negative prompt (i.e. write in what you would like the image to avoid).

Supported AI Models for Image Generation

AirOps offers 4 AI models at this time:

  1. DALL·E 3 -- introduces novel techniques enhancing image synthesis, allowing users to push the boundaries of creativity

  2. DALL·E 2 -- strikes a balance between model complexity and performance, making it versatile for various applications

  3. Stable Diffusion XL v1.0 -- brings stability to the forefront of image generation, ensuring reliable and consistent results

  4. Stable Diffusion XL v0.9 -- an earlier version with advancements in stability and performance, potentially a better option for more performance-constrained environments

Supported Image Sizes for Image Generation

The supported image sizes will vary depending upon which model you choose.

  1. DALL·E 3

    • 1024x1024

    • 1024x1792

    • 1792x1024

  2. DALL·E 2

    • 1024x1024

    • 512x512

    • 256x256

  3. Stable Diffusion XL v1.0/v0.9

    • 21:9 (1536x640)

    • 16:9 (1344x768)

    • 3:2 (1216x832)

    • 5:4 (1152x896)

    • 1:1 (1024x1024)

    • 4:5 (896x1152)

    • 2:3 (832x1216)

Supported Image Format for Image Generation

  • DALL·E 3, DALL·E 2

    • PNG

    • JPEG

    • WEBP

  • Stable Diffusion XL v1.0/v0.9

    • PNG

Edit Images

The Image Generation Step also allows you to edit images. To do this, you must have an input in the form of either:

  1. An advanced "File Media" Application Input variable

  2. A publicly accessible URL with a .png endpoint

Additionally, you must provide a similar input for an Image Mask URL (an image of the same size, with fully transparent areas to mark where the image should be edited).

Editing images is currently only supported with DALL·E 2.

In the example below, we will use the same public URL (with a transparent background) for our Image URL and our Image Mask URL.

Edit an image

Generate Variations

As a third option, the Image Generation Step allows you to generate variations of an existing image. Similar to editing an image, you are required to have an input in the form of either:

  1. An advanced "File Media" Application Input variable

  2. A publicly accessible URL with a .png endpoint

Generating variations is currently only supported with DALL·E 2.

Create variations of your image(s)

If you choose to generate multiple images, the output will be surfaced in a JSON format with the accessible URL's for each distinctly generated image.

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