Integrate workflows with external services

The Integrations Step allows you to issue basic actions from within AirOps that are executed directly in your connected integrations.

Note: The Integration steps can only be called within a Workflow Application, and not within an Agent.

How to Manage Your Integrations

Navigate to ⚙️ Settings > Integrations to configure external integrations with some of the most popular tools available. Once you've successfully created an integration with AirOps, you can reference the integration in the step.

Note: Clicking "Configure" will redirect you to the chosen application.

In order to successfully configure an integration, you will typically need to have admin permissions on your application (e.g. Slack admin, owner of the Google Sheet, etc.).

Supported Integrations

The full list of supported integrations can be found in the Settings page of your AirOps workspace. This list includes:

  1. Google Sheets

View each of the linked documents for more information on setting up a specific integration.

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