Create and manage unique AirOps environments

What is a Workspace?

A Workspace is a unique AirOps environment. When you first sign up with AirOps, you are asked to pick a name for the Workspace. Any subsequent users you invite will be granted access to the same space for easy collaboration!

Note: Creating additional Workspaces is limited to Team+ accounts

When should I create a new workspace?

Workspaces can be useful in a variety of scenarios. Some of the most common that we've seen include:

  • Having separate "Dev" and "Production" environments for testing vs. deploying your applications

  • Providing a Workspace for each team within your organization, e.g. a "Sales" workspace vs. "Marketing" vs. "Product"

  • Personal sandboxes to avoid clutter on your company's main Workspace

How Do I Create a Workspace?

To get started, click on the double-arrow icon in the top-left corner of the page, next to the name of your current Workspace. From there, click the "Create Workspace" button and follow the prompt.

Once completed, that same double-arrow icon will allow you to navigate through each Workspace that you belong to.

Workspace Settings

Each workspace has the following unique attributes you can access by clicking ⚙️ Settings > Workspace:

  • Workspace ID -- this value represents the unique ID of the selected workspace

  • API Key -- your API key allows you to call the Sync API endpoints and allow external webhooks

  • Workspace Domain -- you can define a URL to allow automated access for any email addresses within that domain

Workspace Variables

Workspace Variables are global variables that you can define across your individual Workspaces, such as brand name, brand tone, etc.

They can be referenced using Liquid syntax:


Let's do a quick walkthrough of how to create a Workspace Variable, and how to reference it within your applications.


  • Can a user belong to multiple Workspaces? -- Yes, users can belong to multiple Workspaces, as the permissions are tied to their unique email address.

  • How do I specify which Workspace I'm using in my API calls? -- Each Workspace has a unique ID and API Key, both available in the "Workspace" tab of the Settings page.

  • I don't see the option to create a new Workspace. -- Please double-check that you are on our Team+ account package. If you would like to try it out, feel free to reach out to our team directly to help coordinate!

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