Execution History

Monitor your workflows with execution history

After publishing and running your workflow, you may encounter unexpected results or errors. In order to understand what happened during your workflow, you can navigate to the History tab to get started.

How to Monitor Your Execution History

  1. After the app has been published, click on the App > History

  2. You can filter your executions by:

    1. Timeframe: filter executions by custom timeframe

    2. Status: filter executions by its status: Cancelled, Error, Pending, Review Needed, Running, Success

  3. Click Columns in order to display inputs or output from your workflow

  4. To view complete details about an execution, click on View

    1. Details: view the source, version, task cost, UUID, runtime, and error details

    2. Input: view the input of the execution

    3. Output: view the output of the execution

    4. Logs: view the outputs of each step of the execution

How to Retrieve a Batch Execution

To retrieve your batch execution:

  1. Click on App > History

  2. Click View for one of the executions from your batch

  3. Click Go to Batch

How to Retry an Errored Execution

AirOps execution history allows you to retry a workflow using the same version that was published at the time of the original execution.

This is helpful to retry server errors from external API providers or an OpenAI rate limit error.

However, this would not be helpful to retry user errors, such as incorrect code, incorrect liquid syntax, etc.

To retry an errored execution:

  1. Filter the Status to Error

  2. Click on App > History

  3. Click Retry in the Actions column

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