Connect to a Redshift database in AirOps

Remember to allowlist our IP Address

If your database is protected by a firewall, remember to allow inbound access to AirOPs IP address over your database port.

  1. Host or IP - The endpoint of your AWS Redshift cluster. Example:

  2. Port - The port on which your Redshift cluster is listening. Default is 5439.

  3. User - The Redshift user that AirOps will connect to the database with. It is best practice to create a new user for AirOps (instructions below), but any user with SELECT privileges can be used.

  4. Password - Password for the above user.

  5. Database - The Redshift database that AirOps will connect to.

Setup User and Grant Access (for New Users)

To add an AWS Redshift database as a Data Source on AirOps, use an existing user or create a user with read access to the tables and schemas you would like to access from AirOps:

1. Create AirOps User

CREATE USER airops_user
PASSWORD '<secure-password>';

2. Grant USAGE and SELECT privileges to AirOps user

Replace <schema> and <table> with the appropriate schema and table names that you would like AirOps to interact with.

GRANT USAGE ON SCHEMA "<schema>" TO airops_user;

GRANT SELECT ON TABLE "<schema>"."<table>" TO airops_user;

If you want to grant access to multiple tables, you can run the GRANT SELECT statement for each table.

3. (Optional) Grant access to future tables in the schema

If you want to grant access to all future tables in a schema, you can use the following command. Replace with the appropriate schema name.


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