Manage your billing preferences

The "Billing" tab allows you to manage your existing plan and monitor your task usage for the month. Additionally, you can set soft and hard limits on your workspace executions:

  • Soft Limit: receive an email notification when you hit a specified # of tasks

  • Hard Limit: prevent users from executing beyond a specified # of tasks

For additional information regarding our plans, visit our Pricing Page.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I run out of tasks?

If you run out of tasks, you can keep using AirOps but you will be charged for incremental usage beyond your initial allotment. For Pro plan users, additional tasks cost $9 per 1000 tasks. For Team plan users, tasks cost $6 per 1000 tasks. Your tasks will automatically reset to your plan's monthly allotted amount at the beginning of the next calendar month.

If an error occurs and my app doesn't complete, will I still be charged for tasks?

You will only be charged tasks for steps within your app that run successfully. Steps that error out will not be charged, but if you have other apps embedded in your app that incur tasks, you will be charged for those.

How can I track my task usage?

You can track your task usage through the AirOps Web App. Navigate to the Billing page, and you will see the tasks you’ve used so far in the monthly billing period and when your tasks will reset (example shown above). You can also upgrade your plan to add more tasks from this page.

How can I test and see how many tasks my app will use?

We are building functionality to let you test task usage. For now - refer to the below task usage parameters:

  • Text input step - no task usage incurred

  • Code step - maximum 1 task per app run

  • Vector DB call - 1 task per call

  • LLM step with your own API key - 1 task per call

  • LLM step with an AirOps hosted model - tasks proportional to usage

  • Other API step - 1 task per call

  • Output step - no task usage incurred

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