Google Sheets

Run an app via Google Sheets

You can automate the bulk running of your applications via a Google Sheet.

Note: Google Sheets has an execution time limit of 30 seconds. So any application that require 30+ seconds are recommended to be run via a CSV upload.

Configuring an App to Run Through Sheets

  1. Publish your application

  2. Within your application's view, click the "Integrate" tab and navigate to the "Google Sheets" page. You can continue to follow the instructions below, or follow them via the Integrate tab:

  3. Find your API key in your Workspace Settings

  4. Add your API Key to Google Sheets via: Extensions > AirOps AI for Sheets > Set API key

  5. Within your Google Sheet, use the =AIROPS() function with your App ID and parameters set as =AIROPS({App ID}, {Your Input}, {Your Input},...)

    1. This formula is also provided to you on the Integrate page shown above, and auto-populated with the application's ID

  6. Persist the values of the equation by clicking Extensions > AirOps AI for Sheets > Persist values in selection or Copy > Right click > Paste Special > Values only

To find your formula, click Integrate > Google Sheets

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