Agent + Workflow Quick Start

A step-by-step guide on how to talk to your docs with your Workflow integrated

One of the most powerful attributes of Agents is that they can interact with Workflows and not just Memory Stores. This provides you with options on how best to populate your Agent with the information it needs to answer your questions.

In this document, we're going to walk through an example of building an Agent that responds to your questions based on an article generated from a video.

1. Create a Workflow Application

For our example, we're going to reference an existing Application in our Agent. We'll use our built-in "Video to Article" template to help simplify things. It is designed to take in a video file and translate it into an article.

2. Create an Agent

Next, we'll set up the agent via the same Template page shown above. We'll use the "Blank Agent" option and customize it from there:

i. Add a Variable for our File Upload

We first need to define our input, so that our Agent requires a video file.

  1. Choose "File Media" as the input type

  2. Assign a variable name (we'll use "video_name")

  3. Make it a required input

ii. Configure an App Step

  1. Load in our App Step

  2. Select the previously created "Video to Article" application

  3. Choose the desired version of the application, as well as any additional variables you want to configure

3. Test and Publish Your App

  1. Tweak the system prompt so the Agent responds exactly the way you want

  2. Click "Test All" to start chatting with your Agent

  3. Ask it to use the connected App to answer your questions

  4. Upload your file, and start asking!

  5. Once you're satisfied with the output, Publish App

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