What are inputs?

Inputs allow you to customize your workflow by creating custom variables

Input variables allow you to configure the UI and variables for your workflow.

There are 5 parts to an input:

  1. Type: determines both the user interface and the data type of the input
  2. Label: the name of your input, which also labels the UI
  3. Variable Name: the name of your input as a variable, which will be referenced as liquid syntax in your steps (this is automatically generated when you add a label!)
  4. Hint: helper text that will appear below the input
  5. Default Value: the value that will be used by default the input is not provided
  6. Required?: determines if the input is required to run the app

For example, this workflow takes a transcription file and a speaker name:

To configure this, we would use the following inputs:

inputs configure both the UI and the data type

We would configure the inputs with the following:

  • Transcription:
    • Type: File Media
    • Label: Transcription
    • Variable Name:
    • Hint: Upload a mp4, mp3, or .wav file
    • Required?: On
  • Speaker Name
    • Type: Single Text
    • Label: Speaker Name
    • Variable Name:
    • Hint:
    • Required?: Off