What are input types?

The input type determines the UI and the data type of the input

Input types both have certain requirements and a specific data type they will return:

InputInput RequirementsResulting Data TypeUse Cases
Short TextString
Long TextString
Single-SelectStringAllow the user to select one option
Multi-SelectStringAllow the user to select multiple options
JSONJSON or ListJSON or ListCreate an API that accepts a JSON payload
File Text.pdf, .txtStringGenerate summaries or insights from PDFs
File Media.mp3, .mp4, .wav, .jpg, .png, .webpDownloadable link to fileTranscribe and analyze interviews, analyze images.
File CSV.csvA list of JSON objectsIterate over each row of a csv and analyze the results
DatabaseDatabaseRun a query on your database

Please note: files do not have a specific size limit, but large files could impact upload time and server load.