OpenAI Plugins

OpenAI has introduced plugins for ChatGPT, enhancing the platform's capabilities by allowing integration with external tools like Expedia, Instacart, Slack, WolframAlpha and more.

How to connect OpenAI Plugins

  1. Click on "+ Tool" button at the top of the Studio and select "OpenAI Plugin" from the dropdown.
  1. Once the new box is added, just click on "Configure".
  1. Then you just need to paste the plugin's manifest URL and click "Save Changes". And that's it, you can chat with the assistant to ask it to use the plugin in the same way you would do with ChatGPT.


Some plugins will require you to use authentication before you can connect them to the Chat Assistant. To check if the plugin requires auth, you need to open the manifest URL, and check the JSON for something like this:

In that case, you will need to register an account with the plugin provider and then use the special auth fields in the OpenAI Plugin configuration to handle the authentication token parameters:

Depending on the plugin provider specifications, you will need to provide the auth token in the HTTP Headers or as a URL parameter.

Popular plugins

These are the manifest URLs for some popular plugins:

Wolfram Alpha

Plugin Manifest :

You can try this easily, using the Math Tutor with Wolfram Alpha Template under Discover in your AirOps workspace.

Klarna (Shopping)

Plugin Manifest :


Plugin Manifest :

You can find more plugins here