Integration Step

Perform actions from third-party integrations

Incorporating this step into your workflow allows you to trigger actions from the available integrations seamlessly.

Pre-requisite: Authenticating Integrations

To utilize an integration within the Integration Step, it's essential to first authenticate it:

  1. Navigate to Settings -> Integrations
  2. Find the desired integration in the list and click on Configure
  3. Follow the authentication instructions. Once authenticated, the integration becomes active

Before using an integration you must need to authenticate it, this can be done through the Settings -> Integrations section.

Then, click "Configure" on the integration you want to authenticate. After authenticating the integration will become active. Now you're ready to start using the Integration step with the authenticated integration.

Supported Integrations

Currently, we support the following integrations:

  • Webflow
  • Slack

Configuring the Integration Step

For configuring the Integration Step to perform a certain action of an integration:

  1. Choose the integration
  2. Choose the action to be performed
  3. Provide necessary variables for the selected action
    Note: If integration hasn't been authenticated, you'll be alerted with a warning upon selecting it:

Reference Inputs or Outputs in the Integration Step

To reference an input (defined in the "Start" step) or output variable (generated by a step), you will need to use Liquid syntax:

StepSyntax"Start" Step InputStep OutputJSON Step Output
IntegrationLiquid{{ my_input }}{{ step_x.output }}{{ step_x.output.key }}

For a detailed guide to referencing inputs, check out How to Reference Variables.