Google Search

Search query

This is the query that will be used for the search operation.

Search parameters (optional)

Specify the search parameters using a JSON object with key-value pairs. Each key corresponds to an available parameter specified in the SerpApi docs.


	"start": 0,
  "num": 10

Select the result type

Choose the desired result type, which determines the format of the output:

Links Only: An array with links to the organic results.

Title, Snippet, URL (Markdown): TItle, Snippet and URL for each organic result in Markdown format.

Organic Results (JSON): Organic results in JSON format.

Raw: Complete results from Ser API in JSON format.

Reference Inputs or Outputs in the Query or Search parameters field.

To dynamically set variables as query or search parameters referencing an input (defined in the "Start" step) or output variable ( generated by any step), you will need to use Liquid syntax:

StepSyntax"Start" Step InputStep Output
LLMLiquid{{ my_input }}{{ step_x.output }}