API Intro

AirOps API


This guide explains how to use your Data Apps through endpoints. Endpoints allow you to call the Data App with the required input parameters and receive a response. They are useful for integrating Data Apps into your internal workflows.


All endpoints require authentication using a Bearer token. To authenticate, include an Authorization header in your request with the value Bearer YOUR_API_KEY. You can find your API key in your workspace settings:

Getting a Data App Id:

The ID of a data app is the number found in the app's URL. For instance, in the URL https://app.airops.com/{your_workspace}/apps/123, the data app ID is 123.

Data App Parameters:

Data applications require specific parameters in order to function properly. To obtain these parameters, go to the data app and click on "API Doc." Next, look for the "Available Parameters" section. For example, in the image below, you can see that the available parameter is [sql_query].

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