Intro to App Studio

Introducing AirOps Studio

We are making it faster and safer than ever to turn the raw power of Large Language Models (LLMs) into dependable, high-value Workflows and Agents (Apps).

We've built AirOps Studio to streamline the process of visual prototyping, testing, launching and scaling Apps. Apps blend the power of LLM prompts with code, your data, systems, and documents, additionally integrating transcription services and third-party APIs. The possibilities are endless πŸš€

App Types

There are twp types of App you can create with AirOps.


  • πŸ› οΈ Workflows:
    • Utility functions (e.g. single prompt) that you can run at scale with CSV batch uploads, Google Sheets
      • Examples: Classifiers, Sentiment Analysis
    • Utility functions you can provide to a Chat Assistants as plugins
      • Examples: Web-scraper, Google Search
    • Multi-step workflows that will automate your time-intensive tasks
      • Examples: SEO blog generation, transcription summarization, and media creation


  • πŸ’¬ Chat Agents:
    • Conversational assistants that can leverage your data and other Tools - think ChatGPT but with your own objective, tools and data.
    • Agents can run either as a 1:1 conversation or semi-autonomously thanks to the Scheduler feature.

Platform Features

  • App Studio: Visually prototype AI-powered apps quickly and visually. Test different prompts, models and other steps with ease to find out what works best for your use case.
  • Memory Stores: Bring data from PDFs, CSV, Google Docs and SQL DBs into your Apps via managed Memory Stores (Vector DBs powered by Pinecone).
  • History and Analytics: Keep track of your executions, including runtime and user feedback.
  • App Versioning: Upgrade your production AirOps Apps in a controlled way with app versioning.
  • BYO Key: Connect a range of model providers to AirOps or use our hosted models.

Running your AirOps Apps

Apps can be run in a growing number of surfaces with more being added all the time.

  • Web Interface - run Apps through our web interface.
  • Bulk CSV - run apps in Bulk via CSV upload.
  • REST API - run Apps via a REST API.
  • ASYNC REST API - run Apps via an ASYNC REST API, great for longer running Workflows.
  • Client SDK - Use our Client SDK to bring Apps into your web experience and take advantage of streaming, feedback endpoints and more. Works for both Chat Assistants and Tools.
  • Google Sheets - Run Tools from Google Sheets.
  • Snowflake - Run Tools via Snowflake via UDF function.

What’s Next

Learn how to add steps to your app