Working with Files


AirOps workflows support various file input types that enable different functionalities within the applications. This document outlines the different types of file inputs, supported file formats, usage, important considerations, and the value these bring to users.

File Input Types

AirOps workflows support the following file input types:

  • File Text: Supports PDF and TXT files for extracting text.
  • File Media: Supports audio and video files like .wav and .mp4.
  • File CSV: Supports CSV files, with content delivered in JSON format.
    Supported File Formats and Limits

File Text:

Supported Formats: PDF, TXT.
No specific size limit, but large files could impact upload time and server load.

File Media:

Supported Formats: .wav, .mp4.
File size impacts only the upload time.

File CSV:

Supported Format: CSV.
Content delivered in JSON format.

Usage in Workflows

  • File Text: The app runner receives the file's text content, which can be used to answer questions based on the text. Large files may need a chunk step or similar to handle max token errors.
  • File Media: The app runner receives the file URL, which can be used with transcription systems like Deepgram, Google Speech-to-Text, IBM Watson Speech to Text, etc.
  • File CSV: The app runner receives the file text content in JSON format.

Use Cases

Combining file input types with LLM calls and other airops features provides various use cases that enhance functionalities:

Document Analysis: Extracting and analyzing text from PDF and DOC files to generate summaries, insights, or specific information retrieval.
Media Transcription: Converting audio or video files into written text using transcription systems, allowing further content analysis.
Data Import: Importing CSV files to run complex data analysis, enabling smooth data-driven decision-making.

The versatility of these file types supports a wide array of applications in different domains, ranging from legal and healthcare to marketing and customer support.

Have a question about using Files? Reach out to support.