Run Batch

Run a batch with a CSV upload or in Google Sheets

Should I use the CSV upload or Google Sheets?

Google Sheets has an execution time limit of 30 seconds so any apps that require 30+ seconds should be run in a CSV upload.

CSV Batch Upload

Running Apps in bulk via CSV upload is an incredibly powerful way to leverage AirOps' AI capabilities at scale. By using this feature, you can efficiently process large volumes of data for tasks such as natural language processing, copy creation, marketing collateral generation, sentiment analysis, data enrichment, and much more. This functionality goes beyond what is possible with ChatGPT and opens up a world of possibilities for enhancing your business processes.

  1. Find an app that supports CSV batch processing. On the app's page, you should see the option to "Run Batch" if it is available.
  2. Click on the "Run Batch" button. This will present you with the option to download a sample CSV, which demonstrates the expected column headings needed for your CSV.
  3. Prepare your CSV file, ensuring that it matches the format shown in the sample CSV. This includes maintaining the correct column headers even if the value is optional. Optional values can be left blank.
  4. Once your CSV file is prepared, upload it to the app's page by clicking the "Choose a file" button.
  5. The batch process will begin once your file is uploaded. Keep in mind that batches can take some time to process, so feel free to navigate away from the page while your job is running.
  6. You'll be able to download your CSV output at any time from the "Show History" button at the top of the App.
  7. (coming very soon) You will be notified when your batch is complete by email, allowing you to retrieve the results.

Google Sheets Batch

The AirOps Google Sheets extension brings all the power of AirOps directly into your Google Sheets, making it even more convenient to leverage AI capabilities at scale. With this extension, you can easily run any AirOps app by using the =AIROPS() function within your Google Sheets.

1. Configure the Google Sheets Extension

  1. Install the AirOps Google Sheets extension from the Google Workspace Marketplace.
  2. Locate your API key in the AirOps platform by navigating to Settings > Workspace section.
  3. Configure the Google Sheets extension with your API key.
  4. Go!

2. Run the App in Google Sheets

To run an AirOps app in Google Sheets, use the =AIROPS() function, passing the App ID and any required parameters as arguments.

For example, if the app URL is, the App ID would be 14.

If the app requires a Title and Description to generate content, you can structure the function like this:

=AIROPS(14, "Dad Jokes for Birthday Parties", "A list of 10 amazing dad jokes for your next birthday party")

Batch Use Cases

  1. Run NLP tasks like sentiment analysis or text extraction at scale
    e.g. Extract sentiment and key takeaways from hundreds of support tickets
  2. Draft or improve product descriptions at scale
    e.g. Take low quality product descriptions and rewrite them in your tone and voice
  3. Perform SEO optimization and content creation at scale
    e.g. Take hundreds of existing pages of website content and rewrite them to improve SEO performance
  4. Personalize email comms at scale
    e.g. Write a personalized email to thousands of customers based on their past purchases
  5. Turn existing content into new formats at scale
    e.g. Turn your blog posts into tweet threads